Optional Extras

Blue-Hex smallOptional Extras, Details & Accessories

     To really maximise your wardrobe and other living areas we have an extensive list of optional
    extras and add-ons from top-end European suppliers.  Talk to one of our experienced design 
    consultants to find those perfect finishing details for you.

Racks & Mirrors

Combination Tie/Belt Rack
Belt/Tie Combination
German technology with
the Hafele combination tie/
belt rack. Slots away when
not needed, then you can
slide out to access your
ties and belts. Stylish and
practical design.

Belt Rack

Belt Rack
The belt rack can hold multiple belts and conveniently slot away
within the wardrobe
hanging area to ensure
a clutter free space
is created within the
wardrobe or walk in area.
Tie Rack
Tie Rack
Keep your ties in order
within your wardrobe
space with a slide out tie
rack.  These are positioned
within the hanging area
of the wardrobe and can
slide out when needed for
easy access to choose the
appropriate tie.  These tie
racks can easily hold up to
29 ties.
Pull-out Mirror
Pull-out or Inlay
Include a vanity mirror
within the wardrobe space,
or add a pull-out full length
mirror that conveniently
slots between two uprights
when not in use - A must
for every wardrobe!
Metal Sided Drawer
Full Carcass or Metal Sided
Metal sided, or full carcass
drawers, the choice is
yours. Standard runners
or upgrade to the soft
close option. Drawers can
be made in any height
to acommodate those
delicate items or for the
more bulky jersey.
Lined Jewellery Tray
Jewellery Trays & Drawers
Add in a jewellery drawer
which will be lined and
optionally divided into
compartments. Or perhaps
a hidden jewellery tray for
all those precious pieces.
Shoe Drawer
Shoe Drawers
And don’t forget about
those shoes. Pullout trays
made specifically for your
shoe storage allows easy
access to all your shoes, on
standard or soft close runners.
To complete the look add in
some boot clips for those
hard to store boots.
Individualise for your own
personal needs, whether
you have 6 pairs of shoes
or 100 pairs we can cater
for your own needs.
Choose from a large range of handles, or give your wardrobe space a sophisticated look with our handle-less look, or even a push to open mechanism.


A selection of wardrobe rails are available, from our silver anodized aluminium rail, the more traditional round stainless rail, to our own Ultimo squared silver anodized rail for those wanting something a little more sophisticated.
Where high spaces need to be accessed why not go for a wardrobe lift.  These are great for areas where high spaces are not being used to their full potential.  A wardrobe lift will enable you to hang your clothes in those higher out of the way areas and enable you to access with ease.

Componentry & Detail

Our New Zealand sourced or European components are manufactured to withstand normal wear and tear for the term of the warranty.  Specifically made for wardrobe and door requirements. The wall hanging system provides strength, while the shelf locking system ensures over-all rigidity.
Squared Hanging Rail
Wall Hanging System
Shelf Locking System
Bi-fold Door Mechanism

Extra Items

We have a large number of accessories to make your wardrobe system more functional and clutter free.

  • Pull-down Hanging Rails
  • Pull-out Ironing Board
  • Trouser Racks
  • Laundry Hampers
  • Boot Clips
  • Hooks
Along with detailed lighting - either spot lighting for individual areas or strip lighting to create ambience and warmth into the wardrobe area.
Pull-down Hanging Rails
Pull-out Ironing Board
Pull-out Trouser Rack
Pull-out Laundry Basket


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